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We are Al-Samamat Industrial Services, a Pioneer Organization in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Contacting Activities. An organization that is 100% Saudi Based and owned by Mr. Salman G. Al-Marwani. Formed in 1995 and since then have been established as one of the reputable and reliable organization in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Contractors. 

Our Services


Valve Testing & Overhauling


Gauge Calibration


Rewinding Electric Motors & Generator


Machining-Welding & Fabrication


Non Destructive Testing(NDT) & PWHT


Telecommunication & Fibre Optics

Why Al Samamat

Competitive Prices for Product and Process

Due to primely located plant considering suitability of transport facility parallel to Jeddah Road and with well equipped machinery and equipment and due to adoption of suitable quality system we are having drastic control on rejection and failure that has resulted as we are able to quote very competitive prices to our customers.


Timed Deliveries and Satisfaction on Administrative Side

Finally we would like to conclude that we are well established and reliable contractor in mechanical and electrical engineering work. We shall be thankful to you, if you register our organization as your regular vendor and let us know your organization's requirements over and above this to enter into annual contract and will start golden business relationship.

The responsibilities of EASA include to conduct analysis and research of safety, authorising foreign operators, giving advice for the drafting of EU legislation, implementing and monitoring safety rules (including inspections in the member states), giving type-certification of aircraft and components as well as the approval of organisations involved in the design, manufacture and maintenance of aeronautical products.

Al-Samamat is a proud member of Member of EASA, European Chapter.


Regarding the quality we are following and working as per the applicable relevant STDs (ANSI & API STDs) with such quality system implementation we are satisfactorily dealing with large organizations. Presently with annual contract we are providing services to:

LFC contract for valve calibration and overhauling (YASREF-SANKYU)

Blanket Contract for Roller Door Maintenance (YANPET-SABIC)

Blanket Contract for Workshop Support (GAS-SABIC)

Turnaround PTA Valve removal , testing, overhauling and reinstallation (IBNRUSHD- SABIC)

Blanket Contract for Workshop support for Valve overhauling and testing (AIRLIQUIDE-SAMSON)

LFC contract for NDT services (CRISTAL)

and many more...

Our Clients

and many more...

Our Management

Salman Al Marwani Picture

Salman Al Marwani

Managing Director

Sultan Al Marwani Picture

Sultan Al Marwani

General Manager

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Al-Samamat Industrial Services
P.O. box 31749, Light Industrial Park
Ibn e Sina Street, Yanbu Al Sinaiyah
41912- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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